You voted YES!

What’s not to love about Port Talbot? Built on steel, close to a wonderful beach, famous thespians and even our own Banksy! We love it and are proud of our town’s history and heritage.

Now, we have a unique opportunity to improve our town centre.

68% of Port Talbot businesses voted in favor and 78% in rateable value!

Our vision

Promoting Port Talbot

  • Support the Christmas parade.
  • Develop events that will appeal to a wide range of people and provide them with the opportunity to reconnect with our town centre.
  • Explore and develop proposals to increase footfall into the town centre.
  • Promote Port Talbot online with a coordinated social media presence.
  • Develop a Port Talbot Pound loyalty scheme to keep people spending in Port Talbot.

Supporting businesses

  • Bring the business community together. Viva Port Talbot will be a strong, collective voice that will lobby on behalf of all businesses.
  • Support the development of pop-up shops to ensure Port Talbot shoppers have a unique and ever-changing offer to keep them coming back to town.
  • Devise a subsidy programme for new businesses – our town’s offer will be strengthened if successful new businesses set up here. We will offer help and support to these businesses to get them off to a flying start.

Creating a more accessible town centre

  • Getting people into our town is a priority and accessibility and parking are the first steps for any successful town centre.
  • Develop and promote parking offers by working with the Council on parking incentive schemes.
  • Work closely with public transport companies – both local and regional – to improve transport links to our town centre and increase the frequency of buses.

Securing our town centre

  • We want businesses and visitors to feel safe in our town.
  • Liaise closely with the Police and safety partnerships to tackle anti-social behaviour and encourage businesses to report crimes and provide a link between the daytime and night time economies.
  • Encourage the use of Storenet radios for businesses, the more that join the scheme, the more effective it will be.

“I believe that Viva Port Talbot will give the commercial district on both Banks of the River Afan in our town centre the opportunity going forward to once again become a go to location on the South Wales coastline and M4 corridor. Port Talbot is well connected by public transport, it has innovative independent business and a wide range of shops. Let’s do it.”

― Nigel Hunt, Sanportablo 1901

BID area

About Us

We are Viva Port Talbot, the Business Improvement District in Port Talbot, working to strengthening the voice of businesses on matters that affect the town centre and create a more accessible town centre.